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Here at Integrity Septic Pumping, we value your time, family and business so we offer fast, reliable and affordable septic tanks and systems for your new home and residential sewers and drains to ensure everything is connected and working. Residential sewers and drains should be maintained routinely for best continued results.

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Please remember that toilets aren't garbage disposals and be sure not to flush items if you have any doubts. Baby wipes, cigarette butts, feminine products and grease do not belong in your septic system. If you have any questions about what you can do to ensure things run smoothly, contact Integrity Septic Pumping today.

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When you have a septic system question be sure to call the experts at Integrity Septic Pumping for your best advice in Pierce County. Whether you have some basic septic questions, or you're ready to arrange a full septic system cleaning, call (253) 271-8049.